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WL-LOG is a web-based electronic diary for a weightlifter, allowing the athlete to keep an online track of training sessions, linking them with video, photo, audio and other files, with a possibility to get an analysis of the training process by volume and intensity of workload.

WL-LOG diary comes with a fully automated reporting system and does not require the user to perform any mathematical calculations. One click of a button provides a full report for each training session, or per cycle or training period.

The athlete can grant a coach or several coaches access to his WL-LOG diary in order to receive a training plan and other necessary instructions. The coach gets a possibility to lead the distant training process with one or more athletes.

The great variety of weightlifting exercises are available with illustrative media files (images and short video clips), adding even more value for the athletes and coaches.

For additional information about useful and convenient functions of WL-LOG please mail to

$1/month – the price of a license with a minimum subscription term of one year for an athlete or for a coach, in total – $12/year.

I’m impressed by WL-LOG! It’s like someone read my mind and made the perfect and transparent electronic training diary with all analytics I could need ever. Today I use only WL-LOG for journal and even input there some old macro-cycles from last years to analyze them. I want to say that it’s really motivating when you see your real achievements and can save and analyze them on day-to-day basis.

Kakhi Kakhiashvili (USSR, Georgia, Greece),

Olympic Champion – 1992, 1996 and 2000

World Champion in 1995, 1998 & 1999

World Records holder

President of Georgian Weightlifting Federation

For me as for an experienced Olympic weightlifter WL-LOG gives a great opportunity of distant training for talented athletes from all over the world. It came out so easy to meet on the WL-LOG platform and communicate through the dairy system, that I tried the Pro-Coach mode and found it perfect for my athlete’s needs and mine. A great thing is online reports system; I can control all the training analyses of my distant athletes by one click! I’m not a skilled internet user, but WL-LOG is so easy in use, that I feel very comfortable with it.

Aleksandr Kurlovich (USSR, Republic of Belarus),

World records holder in super heavy weightlifting category.

Olympic champion (1988 and 1992);

World champion (1987, 1989, 1991 and 1994),