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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
1Short ListShoulder PRESS (Sitting on the Bench)PRESSBarbel on the chest LevelOverhead on straightened arms
2Short ListGood Morning followed by Push-PressJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESBarbell behind the neckOver Head
3Short ListSNATCH BalanceSNATCHBarbell Behind the NeckOver Head to Deep Squat
4Short ListSQUAT to BenchSQUATBarbell behind the neckTouching the Bench
5Short ListBack Squat + PressCOMBINED EXERCISESBarbell behined the NeckOver Head
6Short ListHalf Front SquatSQUATBarbell on the ChestBarbell on the Chest
7Short ListPush JERK (Behind the Neck) Snatch GripJERK (from Chest)Behind the NeckOver Head to Quarter Squat
8Long ListMUSCLE CLEAN from HangCLEANBelow Knee Levelto Chest on the Shoulders
9Short ListMuscle Snatch from HangSNATCHBelow Knee LevelOver Head - straight legs
10Short ListSnatch PULL from HangPULLBelow Knee LevelFull Extension
11Short ListSots Press in Deep Squat - Wide GripPRESSDeep Squat Bar Behind the NeckOver Head in Deep Squat
12Short ListClean Pull from Blocks + Clean + SquatCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom Blockson Chest
13Short ListPower Clean from Blocks + Squat + Power JerkCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom BlocksOver Head
14Short ListClean Pull from Blocks + CLEAN from BlocksCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom Blockson the Chest
15Short ListSnatch PULL from BlocksPULLFrom BlocksEnd of second pull
16Short ListSnatch Pull from Blocks + SNATCH from BlocksCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom BlocksOver Head
17Short ListPower Clean from Blocks + Squat + JerkCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom BlocksOver Head
18Short ListClean PULL from BlocksPULLfrom BlocksEnd of second pull
19Short ListPower CLEAN from BlocksCLEANfrom Blocks - Knee Levelto Quarter Squat
20Short ListCLEAN from BlocksCLEANfrom Blocks - Knee Levelto Deep Squat