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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
121Short ListPush JERK (Behind the Neck) Snatch GripJERK (from Chest)Behind the NeckOver Head to Quarter Squat
122Long ListPush JERK (Behind the Neck) to Half SquatJERK (from Chest)from RacksOver Head to Half Squat
123Short ListPush JERK Behind the NeckJERK (from Chest)from RacksOver Head to Quarter Squat
124Long ListPush JERK to Half SquatJERK (from Chest)from RacksOver Head to Half Squat
125Short ListPush-PressJERK (from Chest)from Racks BB on the ChestOver Head with Bent Legs/Knees
126Long ListPush-Press (Behind the Neck)JERK (from Chest)from Racks Bar Behind the NeckOver Head - straight legs
127Short ListPush-Press (Behind the Neck) + Overhead SquatCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom RacksOver Head to Deep Squat
128Short ListPush-Press + Snatch Balance + Overhead SquatCOMBINED EXERCISESFrom Stands - Behind the NeckOver Head to Deep Squat
129Short ListPush-UpsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStart in a lying positionPush-Up in a lying position
130Short ListRDL Romanian DeadliftPULLFrom the Platform (from Hang)Full Extension
131Short ListRecovery Sauna Massage JacuzziJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESRecovery Sauna Massage JacuziSauna Jacuzzi Massage
132Short ListRowing on a Row MachineJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESSitting on Row MachinePushing Legs and Pulling Arms
133Short ListRunningJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStandingRunning
134Short ListShoulder PRESS (Sitting on the Bench)PRESSBarbel on the chest LevelOverhead on straightened arms
135Short ListSNATCH (Classic)SNATCHFrom the Platformto Deep Squat
136Short ListSNATCH (Competition Lift)SNATCHfrom PlatformOver Head
137Short ListSNATCH (Deep Squat with Straps)SNATCHFrom the Platformto Deep Squat
138Short ListSNATCH (Different Positions)SNATCHVarious (Platform - Hang)Various (Deep or Half Squat)
139Short ListSnatch + Overhead SquatCOMBINED EXERCISESFrom the PlatformOver Head to Deep Squat
140Short ListSnatch + Push PressCOMBINED EXERCISESPlatformOverhead