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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
61Short ListFront SQUATSQUATfrom RacksDeep Squat
62Short ListFront Squat (Spotted)SQUATfrom Racksto Deep Squat
63Short ListFront Squat + JerkCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom RacksOver Head - Split Jerk
64Short ListFront Squat + Power JERKCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom RacksBarbell Overhead
65Short ListGood MorningJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESWith Barbell Behind the NeckLean forward with Bent Knees
66Short ListGood Morning followed by Push-PressJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESBarbell behind the neckOver Head
67Short ListHalf Front SquatSQUATBarbell on the ChestBarbell on the Chest
68Short ListHandstand PushupsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHandstand - Straight HandsFlexed Elbows - Handstand
69Short ListHorizontal Pull UpsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESfrom hang on Horizontal BarPulling chest to Ba
70Short ListHyperextensionJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESLying on the gym benchBack Extension - Straight back
71Short ListIncline PressPRESSon the Incline BenchOn the Bench with Straight Arm
72Short ListJERKJERK (from Chest)From RacksSplit - Over Head
73Short ListJERK DipJERK (from Chest)from Stands or RackBarbell on the Chest
74Short ListJERK from BoxesJERK (from Chest)from BoxesOver Head to Split Jerk
75Short ListJERK with Discs on the Edges of the BarJERK (from Chest)from ChestOver Head
76Long ListMUSCLE CLEANCLEANFrom the Platformto Chest on the Shoulders
77Long ListMUSCLE CLEAN from HangCLEANBelow Knee Levelto Chest on the Shoulders
78Short ListMuscle SNATCHSNATCHFrom the PlatformOver Head - straight legs
79Short ListMuscle Snatch + Overhead SquatCOMBINED EXERCISESFrom the Platform or HangOver Head to Deep Squat
80Short ListMuscle Snatch + Press + Overhead SquatCOMBINED EXERCISESFrom the PlatformOver Head to Deep Squat