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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
101Short ListBack Lunge SQUATSQUATfrom Racksto Deep Squat Position
102Short ListOverhead Lunge SQUAT (Wide Grip)SQUATFrom Racksto Deep Squat Position
103Short ListOverhead Lunge SQUAT (Narrow Grip)SQUATfrom Racksto Deep Squat Position
104Short ListFront SQUATSQUATfrom RacksDeep Squat
105Long ListOverhead SQUATSQUATOver Head Standing PositionOver Head to Deep Squat
106Short ListBack SQUATSQUATfrom Racksto Deep Squat
107Short ListFront Squat (Spotted)SQUATfrom Racksto Deep Squat
108Short ListSQUAT to BenchSQUATBarbell behind the neckTouching the Bench
109Short ListBack Squat (Spotted)SQUATfrom Racks to Deep Squatstanding position
110Short ListHalf Front SquatSQUATBarbell on the ChestBarbell on the Chest
111Short ListShoulder PRESS (Sitting on the Bench)PRESSBarbel on the chest LevelOverhead on straightened arms
112Short ListPRESS (Behind the Neck) Wide GripPRESSFrom Stands - Behind the NeckOver Head
113Short ListIncline PressPRESSon the Incline BenchOn the Bench with Straight Arm
114Short ListDecline PressPRESSon the Decline BenchOn the Bench with Straight Arm
115Short ListPRESS (Classic)PRESSfrom RacksOver Head with Straight Legs
116Short ListSots Press in Deep Squat - Wide GripPRESSDeep Squat Bar Behind the NeckOver Head in Deep Squat
117Short ListBench PRESSPRESSlying on a benchBending and Straightening arms
118Short ListBox-JUMP (cm.)*JUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESFrom the FloorJump on Block or Stend
119Short ListRowing on a Row MachineJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESSitting on Row MachinePushing Legs and Pulling Arms
120Short ListGood MorningJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESWith Barbell Behind the NeckLean forward with Bent Knees