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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
161Long ListSNATCH from Hang to Half SquatSNATCHHang - Knee Levelto Half Squat
162Long ListCLEAN from Blocks to Half SquatCLEANfrom Blocks - Knee Levelto Half Squat
163Long ListCLEAN to Half SquatCLEANFrom the Platformto Half Squat
164Long ListSNATCH to Half SquatSNATCHFrom the Platformto Half Squat
165Short ListPower SNATCHSNATCHFrom the Platformto Quarter Squat
166Long ListPower CLEAN Standing on a BlockCLEANStanding on a Pedestalto Quarter Squat
167Short ListPower CLEANCLEANFrom the Platformto Quarter Squat
168Short ListPower CLEAN from BlocksCLEANfrom Blocks - Knee Levelto Quarter Squat
169Short ListPower SNATCH from HangSNATCHHang - Knee Levelto Quarter Squat
170Short ListPower SNATCH from BlocksSNATCHfrom Blocks - Knee Levelto Quarter Squat
171Short ListPower CLEAN from HangCLEANKnee Levelto Quarter Squat
172Short ListPower SNATCH Standing on a BlockSNATCHStanding on a Pedestalto Quarter Squat
173Short ListCLEAN from Different Starting PositionsCLEANFrom Various Starting PositionTo the Same Position
174Short ListToes to BarJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHanging on the horizontal barToes to bar
175Short ListSQUAT to BenchSQUATBarbell behind the neckTouching the Bench
176Short ListABs AbdominalsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESVariousVarious
177Short ListSNATCH (Different Positions)SNATCHVarious (Platform - Hang)Various (Deep or Half Squat)