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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
161Short ListPower SNATCH from HangSNATCHHang - Knee Levelto Quarter Squat
162Long ListSNATCH from Hang to Half SquatSNATCHHang - Knee Levelto Half Squat
163Long ListSNATCH from Blocks to Half SquatSNATCHfrom Blocks - Knee Levelto Half Squat
164Short ListSNATCH from Mono-BlockSNATCHfrom Mono-BlockOver Head
165Short ListSNATCH to Different Ending (fixation) PositionsSNATCHVarious starting PositionsDifferent Ending Positions
166Short ListPause SNATCHSNATCHfrom Knee LevelOver Head
167Short ListSNATCH (Different Positions)SNATCHVarious (Platform - Hang)Various (Deep or Half Squat)
168Short ListSNATCH BalanceSNATCHBarbell Behind the NeckOver Head to Deep Squat
169Short ListMuscle Snatch from HangSNATCHBelow Knee LevelOver Head - straight legs
170Short ListMuscle SNATCHSNATCHFrom the PlatformOver Head - straight legs
171Short ListSNATCH (Classic)SNATCHFrom the Platformto Deep Squat
172Long ListSNATCH Standing on a Block to Half SquatSNATCHStanding on a Pedestalto Half Squat
173Short ListPower SNATCH Standing on a BlockSNATCHStanding on a Pedestalto Quarter Squat
174Long ListSNATCH Standing on a BlockSNATCHStanding on a Blockto Deep Squat
175Short ListSNATCH without Jumping (with force of arms)SNATCHfrom PlatformOver Head
176Short ListSNATCH (Competition Lift)SNATCHfrom PlatformOver Head
177Short ListSNATCH from (Hip) HangSNATCHfrom Hang Hip LevelOver Head