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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
161Short ListJERK with Discs on the Edges of the BarJERK (from Chest)from ChestOver Head
162Short ListSnatch PULL from Mono-BlockPULLfrom the Mono-BlockStraightened Legs
163Short ListSNATCH from Mono-BlockSNATCHfrom Mono-BlockOver Head
164Short ListSplit Push JERKJERK (from Chest)with bar on the chestOver Head
165Short ListSQUAT to BenchSQUATBarbell behind the neckTouching the Bench
166Short ListClean PULL from Mono-BlockPULLfrom the Mono-BlockStraightened Legs
167Short ListCLEAN from Mono-BlockCLEANfrom the Mono-Blockon the Chest
168Short ListBack Squat (Spotted)SQUATfrom Racks to Deep Squatstanding position
169Short ListFront Squat (Spotted)SQUATfrom Racksto Deep Squat
170Short ListParallel Front SQUATSQUATStandingSquat
171Short ListUpright RowJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESfrom the hangRow to Chin
172Short ListHorizontal Pull UpsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESfrom hang on Horizontal BarPulling chest to Ba
173Short ListPush-UpsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStart in a lying positionPush-Up in a lying position
174Short ListSnatch + Push PressCOMBINED EXERCISESPlatformOverhead
175Short ListMuscle Snatch + Push PressCOMBINED EXERCISESPlatformOverhead
176Short ListHalf Front SquatSQUATBarbell on the ChestBarbell on the Chest
177Short ListPower Push-Jerk in Deep SquatJERK (from Chest)Deep Front Squat PositionBar Overhead in Deep Squat Pos