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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
141Short ListHandstand PushupsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHandstand - Straight HandsFlexed Elbows - Handstand
142Short ListBurpeesJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStanding on both feetStanding on both feet
143Short ListMuscle ups on RingsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHanging on the RingsResting on rings on both hands
144Short ListMucle ups on the Horizontal BarJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHanging on the horizontal barResting on the Bar
145Short ListDouble Unders with Jump RopeJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStanding on Both FootsJumping on Both Foots
146Short ListRunningJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStandingRunning
147Short ListRowing on a Row MachineJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESSitting on Row MachinePushing Legs and Pulling Arms
148Short ListToes to BarJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHanging on the horizontal barToes to bar
149Short ListPistol SquatJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStanding on One LegSquat on One Leg
150Short ListPower Snatch + SNATCHCOMBINED EXERCISESfrom PlatformOver Head
151Short ListGood Morning followed by Push-PressJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESBarbell behind the neckOver Head