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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
81Short ListPush JERK Behind the NeckJERK (from Chest)from RacksOver Head to Quarter Squat
82Short ListBack SQUATSQUATfrom Racksto Deep Squat
83Short ListFront SQUATSQUATfrom RacksDeep Squat
84Short ListPull + Clean + Squat + Push-PressCOMBINED EXERCISESPlatformOver Head to Half Squat
85Short ListClean to Half Squat + Squat + JerkCOMBINED EXERCISESFrom the PlatformOver Head to Split Squat
86Short ListBent Over Barbell RowJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHang Below the KneePull to Low AB's
87Short ListBox-JUMP (cm.)*JUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESFrom the FloorJump on Block or Stend
88Short ListSNATCH BalanceSNATCHBarbell Behind the NeckOver Head to Deep Squat
89Short ListMuscle Snatch from HangSNATCHBelow Knee LevelOver Head - straight legs
90Short ListMuscle SNATCHSNATCHFrom the PlatformOver Head - straight legs
91Short ListPush-PressJERK (from Chest)from Racks BB on the ChestOver Head with Bent Legs/Knees
92Short ListHyperextensionJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESLying on the gym benchBack Extension - Straight back
93Short ListDEAD LIFTPULLFrom the Platformend of second pull
94Short ListSnatch Dead PULLPULLFrom the Platformend of second pull
95Short ListBench PRESSPRESSlying on a benchBending and Straightening arms
96Short ListGood MorningJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESWith Barbell Behind the NeckLean forward with Bent Knees
97Short ListSots Press in Deep Squat - Wide GripPRESSDeep Squat Bar Behind the NeckOver Head in Deep Squat
98Short ListPRESS (Classic)PRESSfrom RacksOver Head with Straight Legs
99Short ListClean PULLPULLFrom the Platformend of second pull
100Short ListSnatch PULLPULLFrom the Platformend of second pull