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#Short/Long ListNameGroupStartfixationStart ImageFixation ImageVideo
121Short ListRowing on a Row MachineJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESSitting on Row MachinePushing Legs and Pulling Arms
122Short ListMuscle ups on RingsJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHanging on the RingsResting on rings on both hands
123Short ListMuscle ups on the Horizontal BarJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESHanging on the horizontal barResting on the Bar
124Short ListUpright RowJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESfrom the hangRow to Chin
125Short ListRunningJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStandingRunning
126Short ListRecovery Sauna Massage JacuzziJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESRecovery Sauna Massage JacuziSauna Jacuzzi Massage
127Short ListSplit JERK Behind the NeckJERK (from Chest)from Racks / Behind the NeckSplit - Over Head
128Short ListJERKJERK (from Chest)From RacksSplit - Over Head
129Short ListParallel Front SQUATSQUATStandingSquat
130Short ListPistol SquatJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStanding on One LegSquat on One Leg
131Short ListBurpeesJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESStanding on both feetStanding on both feet
132Short ListBack Squat (Spotted)SQUATfrom Racks to Deep Squatstanding position
133Short ListSnatch PULL from Mono-BlockPULLfrom the Mono-BlockStraightened Legs
134Short ListSplit SquatJUMPS & ADDITIONAL EXERCISESfrom RacksStraightened Legs
135Short ListClean PULL from Mono-BlockPULLfrom the Mono-BlockStraightened Legs
136Long ListMUSCLE CLEANCLEANFrom the Platformto Chest on the Shoulders
137Long ListMUSCLE CLEAN from HangCLEANBelow Knee Levelto Chest on the Shoulders
138Short ListFront Lunge SQUATSQUATFrom Racksto Deep Split Squat Position
139Short ListCLEAN from BlocksCLEANfrom Blocks - Knee Levelto Deep Squat
140Short ListSNATCH (Classic)SNATCHFrom the Platformto Deep Squat